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ford and doonan digital strategy

Ford & Doonan are a multi-award winning company with 10 stores all over WA. They are Perth’s largest Air Conditioning specialists. F&D approached us wanting to run a big budget summer campaign – this is the busiest time of the year for their stores.

Analysis & Audit

One platform F&D were not utilizing to it’s full potential was Facebook. Their current campaigns focused on retargeting website traffic, but this is not scaleable and doesn’t expose their business to new audiences. These campaigns were costing them over $1000 per lead.

Social Media Strategy

We found one of the biggest problems was a lack of creativity with their campaigns. Social Ninja came up with the idea of #StayCoolThisSummer – Where we sourced engaging videos and edited them to represent an entertaining way of beating the summer heat. We sourced and edited 6 pieces of content.

Our Results

The campaigns generated leads almost instantly. We had to be very agile whilst working with a big budget. We achieved a lead cost of under $100! That’s a 92.3% decrease in lead cost. The videos sparked a ton of engagement racking up 12,713 views, 264 reactions, 57 comments, and 28 shares.

The client was happy, we were happy. We took great pleasure in showing Ford & Doonan the true power of Facebook advertising.

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