In the world of social media marketing, you have to be 3 steps ahead of the trend to stay on top. This can be a huge time dedication on your part. To start you off on our journey to digital domination, here are our tips for successful social media marketing.

Content Creation Tips For Social Media – Go Video!

At one point, a picture could tell a thousand words. Nowadays, a video can tell a billion. Quite literally, there are over 8 billion video views on Facebook alone daily across the globe. A video is an engaging way of sharing content to the same audience. The best part? It doesn’t have to be a well-directed feature-length film. If anything, it’s better as a 10-second snapshot! Think a little animation here and there, add some bright colours, toss in some value and off you go. Video content is one of the biggest social media tips we give out to our clients because it’s very easy to start producing.

Influencer Marketing Tips – Partner Up!

Imagine opening the door to an untapped number of resources that come from influence. For those that aren’t aware, influencer marketing is where an individual (or small group) market a good or service to their followers on a social media platform. It’s big business too, with brands across the world spending upwards of $1bn (USD) on influencers per year, with this increasing year-on-year.

The best way to use influencer marketing is by having the influencers subtly promote your good or service. Blatantly promoting a product will seem too ‘ad-like’, and the engagement will suffer. Try to be authentic, and let the influencer promote your product as if it’s an extension of your business.

To get started, identify who you’re trying to influence? Are you going after young adults between 18-22 years old, or parents of children under the age of 2 that live in a particular state? Research into the sort of social media influencers you need.

How much does influencer marketing cost? The answer is – that depends. I know. Not the most helpful answer, but it is the truest. First, identify what sort of budget you can afford and work backward. Make influencer marketing work for you by spending a lot of time on analysing their demographics. Look for high engagement rates. Watch out for spammy comments or “fake” likes.

If you have a modest budget, micro-influencers will be the way to go. These smaller influencers have highly engaged followers because they can interact with the influencer directly. In this scenario, the social media influencer is more like a friend. Use this to your advantage.

Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake When Advertising On Facebook

If you often use solely interest targeting to promote your ads, then you’re spending unnecessary money and not be achieving much at all. Interest targeting is often referred to as cold targeting. People may be interested (to a certain degree) about your good or service, but they may not want to take any action to your ads. For someone to be interested in a topic on Facebook, all they have to do it either like a page about that, like a post or ad about that or mention someone in a post about that topic. They don’t actually need to be customers of any company in that sector. For example, you can be targeted as interested in pens because you tagged your colleague in one Facebook video 2 months ago that had a LED pen as the topic. Data is powerful. Use everything you have to laser target your audience on Facebook.

Social Media Content Tips – Video Content Ideas

More and more people are turning to DIY. Imagine sharing your business’s unique skills in a way that can help your audience, rather than just sell it? Not only is it a nice way to save precious ad budget, but you can also help build a relationship with your audience and become what’s called a ‘friendly brand’.

For example, you may be a wheel and tyre shop. So why not do a quick “how to” video for checking your tyre pressure? Or how to decide on the best tyres for your car? Your audience will find this very helpful, and publishing this content on YouTube also allows people who were never your audience before to discover your brand organically. 

Use this easy social media content tip to pump out a string of value packed videos. Re-purpose them to your YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This will help you attract new audiences and increase the efficacy of the video.

Facebook Lookalike Audiences – How And When To Use Them

Have you ever thought if your target market all share the same interests, behaviours or belong to the same demographic? Image if there was a way to build a bigger audience from a smaller one? Introducing, the lookalike audience. The better Facebook ad targeting option.

You can use a lookalike audience to reach a bigger audience who are outside of your normal customer list. Using a lookalike audience ensures that you don’t have to worry if you’re spending money not reaching people who are likely to buy from you. A lookalike audience is simple to build in the Audience section of your Facebook Ads Manager.

The catch is that you need a customer list of at least 100 to create a lookalike audience. However, we recommend a size of 500. The more data you can provide, the better the audience will perform. This is one of our best social media marketing tips.

Get More Organic Reach On Social Media – Optimise Your Images!

Have you noticed how, when it comes to scrolling through your news feed, it takes something really special for you to stop and take notice? Creating a visual identity of your brand is crucial to gaining attention from your audience. At the end of the day, there’s a whole stack of brands fighting for the attention of YOUR audience. It’s time you took charge.

Across all the social media platforms, there are a number of image sizes that work well in different places. Let’s look at Facebook. On your profile (both business and personal) the minimum size of the profile picture is 180 x 180 pixels. The reason for this? So that you (or your brand) don’t appear pixelated when viewers jump onto your profile. Alongside your profile picture is your cover photo, which must be at least 820 x 312 pixels.

If you are a company page, then optimising your profile picture and cover photo should be your first priority. Now, let’s look at the actual size of the images you upload for posts. In the Facebook Ads Manager or your Facebook page, you can create a range of different image-focused posts.

For example; carousel, photo album, slideshow or instant experience. The importance of choosing the right image size for each of the different photo sizes is crucial to gaining the most attention possible. Increase your organic reach using this simple strategy.

In case you’re a visual learner, we’ve found an excellent video which discusses social media marketing tips for small businesses. See below.